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So, in this post, I talk about my most fervent passions, my pursuit of those things, the obstacles that have presented themselves, and where I now stand. The biggest questions now looming are:

  1. How am I going to pursue Passion differently than I have before?
  2. Are all of the goals I have set for myself Passion Opportunities?

One of the biggest realizations I had to come to is that life is sometimes dynamically different than what we’d like to force it to be. And if we really took a step back to look at the process we’ve taken, can we really confirm that we’ve done absolutely everything to pursue the Passions that God has given to us to achieve? There is so much more than what we have for ourselves, and if we wake up just long enough, God will give us a glimpse of where He’d like us to be…within our Passions.

If you’d like to take this journey with me – or start your own Passion Series – here are some of the areas I will explore:

  1. Passionately pursue God and everything He has for me.
  2. Be open to discovery and learning how to discover new places.
  3. Learn & Grow from the experiences presented to me.

This is my year to Pursue, Discover, Learn & Grow in order to fully flourish in years to come. Hopefully in my pursuit, I can help you discover your passions and purpose.