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One of the biggest things I realized was that it was hard to create or operate anything without knowing how to effectively organize and direct creative energy, resources and thought processes. As I learn more about myself and as God directs me more within my passionate areas, He’s taught me a few things:

  • Set A Firm Foundation. Identify your passion or passionate areas. Start with the end in mind – what do you want to accomplish, how do you want to be effective? Write down a list or develop a mental log of the overall vision. Now let’s move into taking action.
  • Own It: “I Am Unique!” How are you uniquely qualified to carry out your passionate vision? You bring very specific skills to the table and have been selectively chosen to fulfill a need. So own those skills. Sometimes we find it hard to OWN passionate purpose because we don’t value ourselves enough or we don’t believe in ourselves and uniqueness. Believe it baby! (as my mom says). If there are areas you need to develop, be realistic about those areas and take appropriate measures to develop them through classes, workshops, seminars or learning from friends and counselors.
  • Exterminate Unwanted House Guests. Eliminate sources of fear or immobilization. Clean out your contacts. Surround yourself with a support team of passionate people and align yourself within your passion to be effective within your passion. There are people that need your help, and if your time and resources are tied up in time guzzlers, you’re not being effective. One of the things I had to look at over the past year is who is really in support of my vision versus “Latchers.” Recognize this and conveniently remove yourself so that you are intensely effective to the people who need it most!
  • Become A Time Nazi! Allocate the proper amount of time and energy to your passion, but also to yourself. Have a plan to accomplish goals – daily, quarterly, yearly. Review how you’re utilizing your time. Sometimes we put the wrong energy into areas that don’t need it! On the flip side, take care of yourself. I am currently overcoming time management. I work intensely for my clients, my business development, marketing – but I don’t leave enough time for myself to enjoy a good movie, read an awesome book, or sleep! It’s also important to allocate God time and quiet time. It helps to confirm your vision and the choices you are making, and it will further reveal your next steps.

Your challenge! As I experience passionate purpose, I’d like you to as well! How are you creating a firm foundation to ensure creative success and that the vision you have been called to perform is completely carried out? How have you been successful? Leave your comments or post a video link to your creative thoughts!