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In yesterday’s blog I specifically addressed becoming a time Nazi…but I sort of failed once I went back into work mode. The VOICE inside made a wretched plea for me to turn it off, but I pressed on as my back pains worsened from sitting for so long. I got to bed at almost 4:00am after working until 2:22am then watching reruns of Project Runway and tweeting from my bed.

So today I am sticking to a very tailored morning routine:

  1. Awaken & freshen up (let’s try 7:30am – 8:00am)
  2. Spend some God Time
  3. Enjoy A Cuppa Joe While Writing This Blog Post
  4. Ok, I cheated…I wrote it last night, but fined tuned it this morning 😮
  5. Write “Thank You” notes that have been outstanding since January…ok, maybe some from 2010 #DontJudgeMe
  6. Take in the sweet morning air while sitting on the patio with the dogs
  7. Attack client projects in the predetermined order: Allocate 1 hour per task or client

Hmmm, how long should steps 1-6 take – an hour or so? Sometimes distractions keep us off-kilter. They could be handling one project which reminds you of another, so then you switch to the other but stay on that a wee bit longer than you planned… #OOPS.

I realized that I can’t just go cold turkey. And that’s ok! So by starting with a new morning routine, I can break up my Time Nazi Challenge and eventually accomplish my full goal. Today I fully commit to my daily plan. Work stops at 4:00pm today.

My Question to You: How do you develop a routine, how well do you follow it, and how do you ensure you get back on track if you delve away from the plan? Leave your comments to share with everyone!