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Here we are – officially one month down, eleven months to go! One month ago, I started this Passion Series to take a journey throughout the next year to tailor my passions and purpose while resourcefully connecting them to the unique skills and gifts that God has blessed me with. Additionally, I wanted to really shave away what’s time consuming, things that are not my passions, and yes – those “Latchers!” Throughout this month, I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve also learned so much more about how to fulfill passion. As we go further, I will delve into these passions in particular. But…here’s what I’ve learned so far!

September 2011 Wrap Up

  1. Passion Takes Passion! How can you fulfill your passion without having a true desire or connection to it? In order to be passionate towards something, you have to have an intense desire and fervor towards fulfilling a need or a love. Fervor: intensity of feeling or expression; intense and passionate feeling; intense heat. Get all warm and fuzzy inside about your passions! When I think about all of the things I am passionate about, who I am to affect, and what I am doing to get there, I get a bit flustered and excited – but in that young love kinda way! Is that how you feel when you’re passionate about something??
  2. Passion Takes Time. When you’re committing to a goal or desire to fulfill an end product, you have to take adequate time to plan it, prepare it, and see it through to completion. But make sure that you include some “ME” time in those plans. My biggest pitfall is time management. I put soooo much of ME into everything I love and work on that I miss out on, well, enjoying ME! I have to DVR everything because I’m always so busy working :(. Take some time for self-restoration, exploration, and fun. This way you can see your passions evolve before your eyes and be able to fully enjoy it! You also want to be efficient with your time: it’s better to have 90% completion and be fully effective versus grinding away at 100% perfection (never making it there) and not be really effective at all. I am a perfectionist…and sometimes it hurts!
  3. Passion Takes Commitment. What does “commitment” really mean? We have to be careful not to mistake having a passion for commitment to a passion. We have to take ourselves, our resources, our desire, our fervor and our time, and connect it with an action plan to ensure our passion is carried out unto completion!

Whew! This has really been an intense month with some really powerful discoveries. We committed to not only opening ourselves to discovering, but also learning how to discover. Some of the things we can examine going forward is more tailoring of the Passion Plan as well as the process toward fulfilling passion. So how do we do it? Recognize and marinate over these questions:

  1. How passionate am I toward my goals?
  2. How will I prepare and restore ME while tailoring my Passion Plan?
  3. How will I enjoy it?

And here I am at 3:15am wrapping up this blog post…