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During the month of December, we are going to focus on reconnecting our purpose with our goals and effective actions. I am sure you know, as I know too well, the moment we declare purpose and new meaning within our lives, that is the very moment opposition shows its ooogly little face!

We’re taking back our rightful position, pushing opposition far behind us – STOMP IT OUT!, and effectively utilizing the resources, relationships and support groups God has granted us with. When opposition arises, we can take these steps to get rid of it and never look back:

  • Take a moment to breathe. Assess your opposition, ask God for direction, and prepare your response. This will help you see a clearer picture of where problems are and what steps need to be taken to eradicate them.
  • Don’t let thoughts of opposition consume you. Ever have frustrating moments (or days, months, years…) in which NOTHING seems to be going right? After taking a moment to breathe, begin to reassure yourself in what it is that you are pursuing. Reconnect to your purpose, and recommit to your ultimate Passion Plan.
  • Remember your A-Team. This is the dynamic blend of personal relationships, resources and supporting elements within your circle and your Passion Plan. The A-Team adds value and serves a distinct function in your purpose. Not everyone or everything is a part of the A-Team. Remember to exterminate unwanted house guests in order to remain intensely effective. Perhaps you don’t quite know why Johnny is around? You may just be there to fulfill a need on Johnny’s A-Team.
  • Above all, remain thankful. Thank God for opposition, because through opposition, we strengthen our core and we recognize the incredible value in our Passionate Purpose. Even when things don’t seem to be going right, expressing gratitude for the things that DO go right can freshen our outlook on what may seem a bit cloudy.

December RE-Connect Challenge:

As we go through the remainder of this month, I want you to purposely go back to those goals you set for yourself last month, 2011’s resolutions, or perhaps even farther back. Reconnect with those goals, that passion, that fervent desire. 2011 has been an incredibly “interesting” year for me. And by that, I mean ROUGH. But just because I’ve had a rough year, it doesn’t mean I have to let the things of this year overtake me and completely off-set my life. Take back what is yours! I have taken back what belongs to me, and 2012 will be my best year ever which will lead me into my best LIFE ever!

  1. Have you recently declared purpose and action within your life?
  2. Have you come upon obstacles?
  3. What steps did you take to STOMP them out?