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So I guess I can’t be too elaborate in this blog post, eh? lol! Sometimes we (yes YOU, ME, WE) can be our worst enemy! It is very easy to move throughout our goals, life, business planning, etc. having accomplished perfection and dynamic results but at the end of it feeling like it is one GINORMOUS day!

Sometimes simplifying your process (ie, Dumbing it Down and Keeping it Stupid Simple) can help free up some of your time and energy so that you are even more effective – to the people around you, your clients, your family, and the biggest person who needs it all – YOU!

3 Steps to Dumbing It Down:

  1. Identify Core Action Areas. These are the most important areas for you to accomplish goals and be dynamically effective by achieving targeted results. Remember those Passionate Areas you set? Now it’s time to streamline action items within those Passionate Areas!
  2. Set Appropriate Action Time Frames For Each Area. Get in, and get out! I know it sounds hard, but this MUST happen in order for those evil time guzzlers to get the point to “hit the road!”
  3. Hold Yourself Accountable! Sometimes holding yourself accountable means penalizing yourself or revealing your “bad habits” to a close friend. If you don’t trust yourself to keep it in line, ask a close friend or colleague to call ya every once in a while. True friends tell you where you can be better; then they bask in your success along with you!

Get the point?!?! There’s no need for me to elaborate…