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I walked into the year 2012 with a very different perspective than I had ever had – EVER. Without a shadow of a doubt, I know that God has prepared me for something much bigger than I can fathom or orchestrate myself. I am walking into this year knowing that I can truly leave the garbage, trials, and tribulations of my past behind me. Isn’t that great! As I entered 2012, I began to look at things through a very manicured lens, and I appreciate the subtle nuances, the discoveries, the newness that 2012 has brought to my life so far, and even more, the passion God has instilled in me. So with that, I’d like to share my Very Firsts of 2012, which are so me…

The First Things I Did in 2012…

  • The very first...time I hugged someone was immediately after Watchnight Church Service.
  • The very first….text message I sent was to my fiancé at 12:25am, to tell him “Happy New Year! I love you forever!”
  • The very first….phone conversation I had was with my parents at 12:35am to ask what they wanted from Mickey D’s. We got Quarter Pounders and fries.
  • The very first…thing I did when I got home from Watchnight Church Service was eat my Mickey D’s meal then cook the one crab my sister caught when we went fishing & crabbing with daddy all day on New Year’s Eve…It was delicioso!
  • The very first…reflection I had was on the day before, New Year’s Eve, and reveled in the joy and calm of having spent the day fishing and having fun with daddy, my sister, and my nephew. What a fabulous way to end the year!
  • The very first…time I slept was after chatting with my parents, then fiancé, now restful sleep…
  • The very first…time I was ready before my parents was for Sunday morning church service. That felt incredibly awesome, but I still ended up driving my own car – lol!
  • The very first…time I looked at my engagement ring was during Sunday morning church service, and I loved it as it sparkled against the lights.
  • The very first…radio station I listened to was 95SX (95.1) in Charleston, SC. My nephew turned it on, and we both sang to the same song together while he laughed at me for not knowing all the words…
  • The very first…time I laughed hard as heck was on Sunday when my nephew and I went to the mall after church. We both got a kick out of the absurdly monstrous sized t-shirts in the windows of Aeropostale. Him: “Is that real?!?!” Me: “No! Like SIX people can fit in that!”
  • The very first…thing I watched on television was the NFL stats with my nephew, then about three minutes of the Chiefs vs Broncos game. Then I moved on to watching “Mean Girls” after my Sunday nap.
  • The very first…time I became frustrated was when I learned the doggies were outside playing when they were supposed to be inside being quiet…
  • The very first…blog post I wrote was this one – My First Things of 2012. I hope you like it :).
  • The very first…letter I wrote in 2012 was the letter U…And I realized that it is you, Kaye – me, I – that have been given the utmost power and responsibility to discover and appreciate the things, people, and connections around me that God has specifically handed to me on a silver platter to carry out His purpose that will lead to my best and most fulfilled life. And it is solely up to me to direct the outcome of my life and passion. This statement may seem a bit contradictory – God directs the ultimate outcome of our lives, right? Of course He does, but He has also laid out such a path for us to walk that will hand deliver exactly what we need. All we have to do is make the right choice to gather the harvest of the seeds that have been planted around us and use with delicate focus what has been given to us to reach that end goal of our ultimate passion. U, well you, get out of the way; take no exceptions, and don’t make them either.
Hanging on the water with daddy, big sis, and nephew. So serene!

In A Nutshell: You must be determined not to bring the same personal habits, frustrations, or “blinders” with you going forward. Otherwise, you will continue to be bound by habits or traditions that are hard to break. Be open to receiving and living God’s direction, and watch as processes become seamless bringing forth revelation and abundance of blessings. Live, Laugh, and Love (literally), then Rest; for the harvest is near and the Overflow is plenty.

Happy New Year, friends. May 2012 be the foundation for your best LIFE ever! I know it will for me, and I claim it with Doubtless Faith!