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Word of the Day: Don’t Be A Hot Head

When I flipped the page of my tablet, I was utterly without words. Then I smiled because it was without a doubt MY word of the day. I have always had a bit of a temper, and it may have shown it’s oogly head yesterday.

Even when we feel like it is ok to react to someone else’s “misbehavior,” we should perhaps put ourselves in their shoes before proclaiming our sorrows and discomfort to the mountain top. Being slow to anger allows us to hash out our differences cordially, understand each others’ perspectives, and find common solutions that don’t leave anyone broken. It also leaves room for a deeper relationship and appreciation for the mutual respect given and well-deserved.

We shouldn’t forget our own faults or be hasty to judge others, because when WE mess up or “misbehave,” God shares with us His discomfort and is compassionate because He wants us to take the time to “get it” in order to fully understand His depth and love. We are no higher than God, and giving mercy isn’t an option – it’s a command without boundaries or special scenarios. If we paired this with real life relationships or utilized it more in business, we’d have a lot less stress and a heck of a lot more profit. It’s up to you to define what profitable means in your life.

I love you all,