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As we pursue passion and grow in God, there are things that must be stripped away from us in order for us to experience the kind of growth that substantiates our level of elevation and passion. One of the biggest things we can personally do is not only work towards the positive things that affect our ultimate passion goals, but also work on the negative things that may stifle our goals and ruin the process itself. In this video, I admit one of the areas in which I struggle…ANGER MANAGEMENT. I go on further to identify “deterrents,” which I talk about more in the video and will elaborate below. Here are four steps to help you GIVE UP pieces of yourself in order to GROW UP to where you need to be in Christ and to accomplish your business goals.

Step #1 – Admit Your Issues. You got a-million-and-one problems, sistah! So why is it sooooo hard for us to admit when we’re wrong and that there are aspects of us that are just plain unnecessary – simple, right? Until we acknowledge that we do in fact fail in certain aspects of our lives and characters, we can never be free to fully move on and flourish with great joy where God has for us to be.

Step #2a – Endlessly Seek God’s Presence & Instruction. So once we admit that there are portions of ourselves that we must overcome and strip away to grow, how do we go about removing them and staying firm within that process? Begin to look for resources to support restoration in those unnecessary areas. Have quiet time with God in order to hear Him direct where to get instruction from. Here is a starting point: Galations 5:22-23 – The Fruit of the Spirit.

(v22) But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness faith, (v23) Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

The fruit of the Spirit gives us a broad scope of actions by which to live. How many things do you see that aren’t right about your attitude or actions that the fruit of the Spirit speaks directly to? Practice makes perfect. If we practice every small detail of life’s elements and apply the fruit of the Spirit to our lives, we’d probably have a lot less to correct about ourselves. And get this – God allows us to practice positivity without boundaries. What a nice gift!

Step #2b – God Will Tell You EXACTLY How to Overcome. If we are serious about giving up portions of ourselves to obtain more of our passion and to grow to a serene place, God will show us how to overcome each area that we struggle with. But we have to be willing and ready to make a change – not just for ourselves, but to ultimately glorify God through our passions.

Step #3 – Begin to Strip Away the Unnecessary Goods. Removing things that we were once comfortable with is a process that takes determination. Acknowledging that things need to change is the first level of stripping things away. Use that and God’s safety hub of instruction as fuel to help you be consistent in removing unnecessary “goods” from your life. In the end you will feel lighter and much happier that the things you battle with (or that weren’t good for your spiritual and personal well-being) are out of your life. Give these things to God, and remind yourself daily why you no longer want these deterrents around. Beware! As soon as you declare purpose and dedication, old habits may surface as obstacles to you achieving ultimate passion.

Step #4 – Make A Positive Commitment to Practicing Change. Begin to put accountability measures around you to ensure that you are surrounded with more positive, obstacle-destroying elements than the obstacles themselves. Reach out to God daily to tell Him,

Take this away from me, and keep it!

Utilize resources and people around you that have Godly advice to share and that keeps you in a mind frame to want to pursue passion and overcome portions of yourself that don’t need to go any further in your life’s progress.

My Challenge to You. What are you willing to give up – personally, or more – to ensure that there is substantial spiritual growth and room for how God desires to bless you? He desires for you to achieve a level of growth in Him, but He also wants a positive commitment (SACRIFICE) from you to want to experience even more from Him. In the end, have faith and persistence, and God will honor that. What will you strip away today?

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