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Please welcome Passion Series’ newest feature, Coffee Connection: Monday Morning Devotion!

Coffee Connection is the Monday Morning Devotion of Passion Series. Coffee Connection will caffeinate your week while surrounding you with a group of passionate, spiritual, and goal-driven individuals. Share in the value of a powerful network of supportive friends!

Tune in and participate LIVE, Monday mornings from 7:00am-7:15am (EST) – only 15 minutes, folks! If you want to just watch and listen, that’s okay too! Fill your favorite mug with some piping hot Joe; then caffeinate your mind, body and soul! We start broadcasting on Monday, February 6, 2012!

**UPDATE – 1.25.12**

In February, we’ll be studying and discussing the book of Ecclesiastes. This book of the Bible sets a wonderful outlook on our approach to labor and spirituality. Our February Coffee Connection will center around setting the perfect foundation to understand our labor of love (our Passions), setting realistic goals, and being joyous in accomplishing new moves in our businesses and lives. Start now if you’d like to get a head start! Hint: It’s right after Proverbs 😮

Tune In LIVE

Following each broadcast, our Monday Morning Devotion will be wrapped up in a blog post for your spiritual rejuvenation and daily reflection!

Star It!

I am very excited to share these next steps with you – I can’t wait to see what God reveals next! See you February 6th @ 7:00am!