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It is 4AM and raining outside my bedroom window now. The calm of the rain could not have come at a more precise time. Just moments before, I had finished reading 2 Timothy 1:7…

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

When I was a child, my mother quoted this verse to me when I became afraid. It stuck with my heart, and in moments of fear, it returned to me and brought a sense of peace and protection.

As this week posed new opportunities for me and my businesses, I became a bit anxious and questioning…you see, I have multiple contracts in lieu of being signed – one of which includes an opportunity for coffee from my coffee company Jitterz Café to be placed on a hot New Orleans menu. As I see new changes evolving, I am reminded of the promises God made to me; but I became anxious because it’s happening now…RIGHT NOW. But in my anxiousness, I guess I became a little fearful, holding off on celebratory wine moments in case contracts fell through. But my fiancé said to me,

Go for it; on faith…

And so we did. As today came to a close, I noticed that hint of fear returning. But the calm of the rain and a quiet word from God reminds me that long ago, I committed my businesses to Him, and because of that, NOW is when He has decided to release overflow of blessings.

Gee, thanks God. Little ol’ me. But I totally deserve it. And instead of fear, I have a new-found anxiousness: the happiness of knowing that He has gone before me, and a calm in my spirit like none other.

Rest in peace, for your blessings are on the horizon.

I love you all,