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So here we are again – our Monday Morning Devotion! Today (February 20, 2012) we are talking about Seasons of Purpose, and we are using Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 as our supporting text. It is great to know that incorporating God’s purpose into our functional areas of wisdom increases our purpose and gives favor and new meaning to the seasons we step into.

In the start of the chapter, verses 1-8 lays pretty clear foundational concepts of “everything in its right time,” and it lets us know how important it is for us to understand that every season (portion, timeframe, moment) in our lives is for a purpose that conjoins with a mission to fulfill a much greater purpose – what I like to call “A God Purpose.” Remember from last week, we discussed letting God’s anointing fall on our wisdom and intently make a decision to let his “God Wisdom” precede our human wisdom in labor. By doing this, we become aware of His spirit and voice enough to know the special and specific season God has called us to be in. Is He calling for you to:

  • Plant Seeds vs Harvest
  • Birth Something New vs Lay Something to Rest
  • Network with Others vs Be Alone to Experience His Presence

First, Let’s Define Season:

  • season (noun) \sēzən\ – A time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature; a period in which a place is most frequented
  • season | moadah (noun) \mo-ade’ (Hebrew)\ – Meeting, appointed sign, time; place of solemn assembly; an assembly (as convened for a definite purpose)

It is all about getting to a place where God’s anointing falls on our wisdom and letting that anointing reside with us in that special place that we go frequently to bask in God’s overflowing wisdom and get directions for our steps. Understanding our season sets the tone for the kind of work we should be attaching our wisdom to. Let’s take a look at verse 13:

…and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.

There are “Systems of Wisdom” we are privy to during life in order to encourage our gifts and to allow for our functionality of wisdom: Education, Politics, Business, Community Development – all of these are systems in which we apply our God-given knowledge. He has allowed these Systems of Wisdom to exist as a platform for His purpose – to call us into action during our appointed season. We must learn to incorporate God’s purpose into our wisdom and align God’s purpose with our gift of wisdom within our functional areas.

By letting the anointing fall on us in each season or appointment of our lives, we are allowing God to connect our gifts to Him and create something dynamic. And because of our obedience to His anointing in our season – key words in our season – He allows us to rejoice at the good (the results, the fruit) of our labor.

So that (verse 14) I can be absolutely sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that whatever His purpose fulfilled because of my moment of obedience to Him will last forever – far beyond this life “under the sun.” Verse 14 is where we learn to align God’s purpose for our individual existence with His Kingdom Purpose – His God Purpose.

So what does this mean?

I have to be operating in the spirit under God’s direction devoid of myself whenever I put my wisdom into action. I cannot solely use my finite, human wisdom to accomplish a lasting “God Task” (verse 14b: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him). I also cannot accomplish something great, then take credit for it by saying “Look what I did…for God.” God has intently separated His God Wisdom from our finite concept of wisdom. Why? For us to learn how to rightfully honor, revere, and respect His wisdom, His moves, His call to our seasons. Verse 15 lets us understand that God’s will has always existed and ever shall be. And if we don’t come into action within our season to help accomplish His will, He will constantly call us to the carpet to move on His behalf. And if you won’t, He will ensure it happens – with or without you.

The Goal

The alignment God has for you within His purpose is so great, it will blow your mind. But you have to be willing, and you must open that door.

Your Challenge

What is God petitioning you for in order for you to live your best life ever? What season are you currently in that will propel you forward, just by mere obedience to God?