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Focus on Creating What You Desire

What a powerful phrase! There are so many aspirations and passions we’d like to achieve, but sometimes we may get caught up along the way with “Time Guzzlers” or “Latchers” – elements and people that we allow to suck away our time and focus. So how do you refocus your creative energy for ultimate success?


  • Get more involved in your own creative process in order to see pristine results. How involved are you with YOU? What paths are you clearing for yourself?
  • Begin to gauge what movements and choices that are more meaningful or less meaningful in helping you attain your goals. How are you spending your time and what elements are you surrounding yourself with that help to build that foundation? Evaluate and wisely choose the integral elements to help you achieve your ultimate passion.

One key element you must remember is to keep God in the midst of your plans and ideas, because He will help you clear that path to ultimate success – if it’s according to His will for you. Hebrews 12:2