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As we move forward in our Faith Series, we want to also remember to come in agreement with God for what we need or desire. How often do we have needs, but allow ourselves to be overcome with fear? Do we try to force or orchestrate our own answers. Let’s allow Him to mobilize us through Faith Reactions.

Faith Reaction = giving God the reigns, letting His power & authority give instructions to mobilize us

How much do you believe in God acting on your behalf? To activate our minds and spirits, we’ve created our challenge for this week:

Create Your Own Faith Box.

  1. Write out your concerns & passions
  2. Place the list in a special box of your choosing
  3. Pray over it
  4. Let God Work!

Create Your Very Own “Faith Box” from Kaye Brown on Vimeo.

In a nutshell, our Faith Box is to help us practice – you got it – Faith! Once the list goes in the box, don’t let fear or immobilization overcome your thoughts. By leaving our concerns in the box and trusting in God’s instructions, we will initiate Faith Reactions. Watch as God begins to move – don’t forget to share it with us!