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We’re excited to say that we are embarking on our 2nd Week of our 40 Days to Wholeness Tour! This week (October 15th – 21st), we are focusing on Cleansing & Healing. We often put a lot of focus on mobility and ensuring personal and business success. But are we just as adamant about our spiritual and personal health success?

Spiritual growth, restoration, healing and life maintenance are vital to our existence and our general well-being. We desire to be around for and enjoy life’s best moments with our families and best friends. As we think about growing personally and sharing our lives with others, these two very important questions arise:

  1. How effective am I at maintaining my health – and the health of my family – and are we living active, balanced lifestyles?
  2. Is there an emphasis on the spiritual well-being of me, my family and friends?

On Monday’s Coffee Connection, Angel of Angel Blends will join us as we discuss the power of health, healing, and wholeness. She’ll talk with us about the importance of spiritual healing as well as how we can begin implementing healthy eating and activities within our lives.

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Degenerative Bone Disease, and Gastroparesis, Angel is passionate about health and has learned how to rid her body of fatal toxins. Angel Blends creates the freshest fruit and vegetable blends and sends them directly to you! Optimum blends of the most powerful antioxidants bring Healing to the Body, Mind and Spirit. Are you ready to discover true freedom in health?!

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