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It may be relatively easy for most of us to write and say wonderful things about ourselves, and it is extremely easy to bask in the glory of the praises others sing about us. But perhaps the single hardest thing to do is to admit where we are wrong.

Galatians 5:22-24 tells us a thing or two about Spiritual Maintenance, and one of the actions we must learn to take is to correct incorrect behavior – of our own! It only takes 21 days of committing to doing something consistently in order to conquer it. We can also petition God for help as we change the “not so cool” things about ourselves. So what’s integral to this process?

  1. Prayer: Meeting God at the same place, same time. Ask Him to show you areas where you can be better.
  2. Commitment: Remember the last time you were right about something, but your attitude was all wrong? Commit to relaying your messages in a softer manner (Proverbs 15:1) (or commit to changing whatever your wrong actions are).
  3. Consistency: Continue to try, wherever you feel fit.
  4. Prayer: Ask God to help you achieve and succeed during this process to produce ultimate change within your life.