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Setting Effective Relational Boundaries

We’re still talking about balance, but this week we are looking at it from the perspective of setting appropriate boundaries and taking the right relational steps to achieve clear balance in your life. I’d like this conversation today to be an extension of last week’s foundation we have set.

#PassionPitch:  How effective are we at setting boundaries? (and how often do we thank God for the relationships we have with others?)

So when we think of the terms “balance” and “boundaries,” we get broad perspectives and feelings about them. But we have to evaluate our current position and evaluate our targeted position in order to put these terms into a funnel that make it uniquely tailored to us as individuals, or family units perhaps.  So, this concept of planning, preparation and persistency is integral to achieving balanced relationships around you.

When we talk about planning, preparation and persistency, we are really describing the word DISCIPLINE. Before we can achieve true balance in relationships or personal intricacies, we must have at some level conquered balance in its simplicity (P3 – Planning, Preparation, Persistency) – right? Let’s define this word discipline:

Discipline \ n-‘di-se-plen \ training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character

Self-Discipline \ Wikipedia \ qualities are willpower, hard work, and persistence; it is the product of willpower; it has been noted that self-discipline is the ultimate path towards success

So why is all of this important? Let’s visit Proverbs 12:1 | Click for KJV | Click for NIV | (brutish: likened unto animal-like characteristics, untamed, undisciplined, unlearned…)

So, now we know what God requires – He calls for us to practice this discipline – or adequate preparations in order for us to be able to establish the right kind of foundation. Once this foundation is set through all of our personal one-on-one’s with just me and God, it becomes much clearer for me to begin to establish the right kinds of boundaries when it comes to my interactions and personal relationships. How so? Because the right type of interaction or relationship will mimic or resemble what God has already nudged you to begin to make preparations for. I now know what to open myself up to and also what is not in alignment with my “Perfect Balance Plan” because I have spent some time with God who has revealed my action plan to me. I am better equipped and empowered to respond appropriately to each interaction that is presented unto me (Galatians 5:22-23). And God continues to speak to us throughout each individual situation.

Simple Solutions to Set Effective Boundaries

  • Practice Discipline to Mold Yourself for Success & Effective Relationships
  • Apply Practices to Real-Life Interactions & Relationships
  • Make Time for You (God-time, Self-Reflection, Preparation)
  • Practice the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) Share this Experience with Others