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After five weeks of Bible study and deep discussion on wholeness, we are now able to take those next steps to living life abundantly.

STEP #1 | Joshua 1:8-9 | The Foundation of Life Abundantly

Throughout our Tour, we have been given understanding on how God gives instructions; in this scripture passage, we begin to see the tone of how we can live life abundantly! Wouldn’t it be nice if I gave you the ABC’s of decorating here – a cute little list of “How-To’s” – But what I really want to relay about what we are discussing is that:

  • God’s design is first, AND
  • My passion must align with God’s unique design

Here is where we begin to turn the new leaf of “living life abundantly.” It involves obedience, trust, an intimate relationship, a giving away of our hearts toward God, affirmation and faith. So, this is what we have been talking about for the past six weeks. Our ultimate take-away is to be able to live life as wholesome individuals but with Jesus Christ as the foundation of our plan and integrated within our plan.

STEP #2 | Ephesians 3:20 | God is MUCH Bigger than Me

This is an affirmation that is acknowledged and read by many, many ministries and several individuals within the body of Christ. But I want you to look at it beyond the phrase “exceedingly, abundantly.” Let’s hone in on:

above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us

What does this particular phrase let us know? So often in life we make plans: get a good education, kick-start your career, maybe start a lucrative business, start a family, get money-money-money, share a few laughs with friends over coffee and cocktails, give to the needy, pray a few times, attend church service regularly, then pass the torch to the next generation…Oh, if I do all of this I have “made it” – I’m living abundantly, I must be happy! Right??

But what does this phrase “above all we ask or think” really mean? It means stop the record – PAUSE – our plans are so minuscule compared to God’s – we say phrases like: dream big, everything’s bigger in Texas, bigger is better, do it big… But none of this “MORE MENTALITY” can match God’s uniquely tailored plan for you! That’s what this phrase is – it’s telling us that God has a uniquely tailored plan that is specifically and especially for you. And if we develop a personal and intimate relationship with Him and begin to follow the instructions according to His plans, His purpose, His power letting it work within us – then we will truly understand what Life Abundantly means. We will understand God’s plan IS my plan, and if we just stopped, paused, for a brief moment we will see that our fleshly desires to have more or to have God answer a personal need is all a part of understanding just how BIG God is. The Bible tells us that God will supply our every need (according to His riches & glory – Phil. 4:19); the Bible also tells us to seek God first.

So let’s tie this all together.

STEP #3 | Ecclesiastes 3:15 | God’s Unique Pre-Designed Road Map

Now it all makes sense! A specially tailored purpose for you, for me, for each and every one of us here on this earth. Ever run a marathon? Before you show up to the Start Line, you must receive a map or an outline of the trail! Lane closures and road blocks may exist, so a specially laid out plan is mapped out and given to you just before the race begins. This is a set of instructions tailored to help you get your adrenaline rush! This passage speaks of a plan that was set in motion in the spirit realm – eternity past – before the beginning of time, designed just for you because God knew you. Then God instills passion within us and within our lives – the passion that is uniquely paired with and qualified to carry out God’s tailored purpose//road map that has been specifically tailored for you. Then He just waits for us to be obedient, activate trust & faith, believe in the affirmation of who we are and what power we have through God…

So How Do I Set Things In Motion

  • Recognize that God’s Design is Much Bigger than Texas
  • Our Passion & Desire MUST Match God’s Special Road Map for Us
  • Come into Submission by P3: Planning, Preparation, Persistency
      • Daily Prayer | Spiritual Growth Plan | Affirm Who You Are In God | Spiritual Maintenance
      • Planning & Practicing Persistency with Passion
      • Activating Self-Discipline to Mold Successful Interaction & Relationships
      • Match Passion with God’s Purpose