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It has been an incredible year, friends, and we are closing it out with a bang! Check out the Full 2012 List of What Went Down here each week on Coffee Connection. Coffee Connection is the Monday Morning Devotion of Passion Series. Coffee Connection will caffeinate your week while surrounding you with a group of passionate, spiritual, and goal-driven individuals. Share in the value of a powerful network of supportive friends!

Tune in and participate LIVE, Monday mornings at 7:00am (EST). Fill your favorite mug with some piping hot Joe; then caffeinate your mind, body and soul!

Tune In LIVE

What Is Love? December 3 – 17

As we approach our final series together in 2012, let’s talk: How do we exhibit love 12 months out of the year, and not just November & December? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of just what love is, what it means to love, and how we can learn to practice it 365 days a year!

We start Monday, December 3rd @ 7am!

Coffee Connection: What Is Love? from Kaye Brown on Vimeo.

40 Days to Wholeness: October 8 – November 16

Starting this October, we are going to be preparing ourselves through our “40 Days to Wholeness” Tour! From daily visitation & prayer with God, to balance, time management, and more! Let’s get acquainted with God, ourselves, peace, family, and more during this process! We start on October 8th @ 7am right here @ Coffee Connection! Tweet w/us over this series using #40DaysWhole!

40 Days to Wholeness from Kaye Brown on Vimeo.

So here’s what we’re focusing on from now until then:

  • Week 1: The Importance of Prayer & Bible Study
    • Passion Pitch: How effective can daily prayer & study be to your life?
  • Week 2: Cleansing & Healing
    • Passion Pitch: How am I pursuing spiritual & personal healing & rejuvenation?
  • Week 3: Positive Thinking, Self-Restoration, Attitude Management
    • Passion Pitch: How do I view myself, and how does this effect my interactions and relationships?
  • Week 4: Balance – Scheduling, Time Management, Task Management
    • Passion Pitch: Do you take the time to adequately prepare for the intricacies of life, and how well do you keep in alignment with those plans?
  • Week 5: Balance – Family, Friendships, and Me!
    • Passion Pitch: How effective are we at setting boundaries?
  • Week 6: Living Abundantly – What It Means to Be Made Whole
    • Passion Pitch: How do you define wholeness or success?

September 2012 Series: Restoration & Faith

9.24.12 | A Faithful Lifestyle = Successful Living

We often strive for much success in life, and we may perhaps try many different alternatives to obtain heightened success within our passions.  Because success is often associated with class structure, intelligence, and who we are socially, we may feel as though we are inferior to others when we don’t achieve the success “we think we should.” But…why should all of this matter? And how can we achieve success within our passions and callings while being happy where we are right now?

A Faithful Lifestyle = Successful Living from Kaye Brown on Vimeo.

As believers in Christ we not only have to be hearers of the word, but we must also be doers. Our faith/belief systems should set the standard for our actions and situational outlooks. We must now live the life of faith through Christ’s example so that we can live our BEST LIFE! This week’s #PassionPitch question is:

  • How do we live a faithful, committed lifestyle to God?

Take a moment to reflect, and chime in LIVE with us Monday @ 7am!

9.17.12 | Faith Without Works is Dead

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten a wholesome understanding of exactly what faith is and how to release our needs and desires to God – completely. Then we understood that trying to force situational outcomes we desire only makes us feel fear in the pit of our bellies. We must now wholly trust God with our human needs and desires in order to activate Faith Reactions. NOW is the time for us to follow the instructions He’s given us within the Faith Reactions in order to watch the manifestation of our faith unfold before our eyes; after all, faith without works is dead. This week’s #PassionPitch question is:

  • If I have faith, what kind of “works” do I have to do; and what does that mean?

LISTEN/WATCH last week’s show:

9.10.12 | Faith: Does God “Got Ya Back?”

Hey friends! Our September Series is in full force! On Monday, we’re chatting about using letting God have “your back!” Ever say you’re trusting in God, but have your own solution “in the bag” in case He “doesn’t come through” – better known as “that wasn’t the answer I was looking for!”?? We’re going to help solidify each others’ faith in God’s direction AND in Him having our backs. Here’s this week’s #PassionPitch question:

  • How do you know that God has your back?

LISTEN/WATCH last week’s show:

9.04.12 | Faith: What is it?

Hey, friends! This week we’re kicking off our September Series: Restoration & Faith. On Tuesday, we’re chatting about using our faith to mobilize us to ultimate restoration! Grab your burgers, brats, and fries on Monday, then we’ll meet up on Tuesday morning @ 7am! Here’s this week’s #PassionPitch question:

  • What is faith, and how can my faith grow?

LISTEN/WATCH this show:

Past Coffee Connection Lessons

8.29.12 | Learning to Forgive Ourselves: The Woman with the Alabaster Box


  1. Connecting & Releasing: Seek God in whatever, whoever, wherever you are. Open up to Him
  2. Restoration & Faith: Once you release our sins to God, let Him mobilize you to ultimate restoration & faith!



**Passion Pitch for August 29th**

Hey there friends! On Wednesday (August 29th) we’ll be wrapping up our FINAL EPISODE of our Forgiveness Series. We will be focusing on Healing for the Offender. Then, we will roll right into our newest series – Faith! It’s all happening Wednesday @ 7am!

  1. Forgiveness passion pitch question: How can I feel better about something I have done to hurt others?
  2. Faith passion pitch question: What is faith, and how can my faith grow?

Bring your coffee mugs, your favorite coffee and tune in on Facebook, Blog Talk Radio (call-in @ 646.716.5190), or our Ustream Channel – see you then!

**Passion Pitch for July 16th – 23rd**

We’ve been discussing Forgiveness @ Coffee Connection, and this week we’re talking about: I Am An Offender. What should I do once I have offended or hurt someone? Am I a repeat offender? Do I want to activate a change in my behavior towards God and others? Tune in with us LIVE here. Then, take a moment to reflect on this song below, and we will have an in-depth discussion about our thoughts and feelings surrounding forgiveness on July 23rd.

Leave your comments below or on our Facebook Page! Here is a replay of last week’s episode: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/23557725

**Passion Pitch for June 18th**

We’ve been discussing Forgiveness @ Coffee Connection. What are steps that we can take towards forgiveness? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook Page! Here is a replay of last week’s episode: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/23241363

Forgiveness – June & July 2012 Series

**UPDATE – 3.03.12**

We are currently studying and discussing the book of Ecclesiastes. This book of the Bible sets a wonderful outlook on our approach to labor and spirituality. This Coffee Connection Series will center around setting the perfect foundation to understand our labor of love (our Passions), setting realistic goals, and being joyous in accomplishing new moves in our businesses and lives. Start now if you’d like to get a head start! Hint: It’s right after Proverbs 😮