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Special guest Mr. Seneca Howard of Radical Faith Ministries joined us on our final week to talk about LOVE! Radical Faith Ministries encourages, motivates and drives people to define life’s destiny and cultivates us to discover our essence and purpose through God!

Here are the questions we asked, and Mr. Howard sets the record on love straight:

  1. Going along with this theme of translating love, and now that we know what love is as defined by the Word of God, why is it so important for us to ignite love in a way that is passionate giving of ourselves?
  2. What’s the difference between saying & feeling the word versus taking purposeful steps to put it into motion where others know and feel the truth of our love?
  3. I found the Love Challenge that we did last week really instrumental in my life, and I began to see things change before my eyes. There is an importance on praying – this covering all sins, offences or hurt. Share your thoughts on praying for others.
  4. So now that we know what love looks and feels like, how can we translate that to growing our community – specifically our community in need? Not just for Christmas or for special initiatives but to really connect with and feel that special need or the heart of the person in need – they may not be a part of our intimate circle but just a general community member.

Today’s Scripture References:

Merry Christmas!