From my personal journal: “21 Days of Change” on June 27, 2013…

If I never make a promise that I can keep, then I will never succeed and I will always miss a beat. ~Kaye

Today – just now – I realized that if I am always restarting a challenge (to benefit my inconsistencies, uncommitment, and unwillingness to or fear of bending/adapting to beneficial, Godly change), then I will never get the chance to complete it – my God-driven task assignment to prepare me for wholesome understanding and purity of heart and mind for that next phase. I will never get the true mind and habit-changing practice I need – that shift of my focus – neither will I see or obtain the results and overcoming success required to move forward and break chains of bondage. I want to – I need to – see the results of my true, practiced progress. The change that produces something so new, so inspirational, so mindblowing.

So today I start (well, now) I start anew, with a new commitment to my change. I want to focus on the positive. What went well today?


December 15, 2015

So,  today I start anew – honoring God by finishing everything that He has set before me. To put away all excuses; to put away all fear; to discard anger and frustration… To move forward, allowing Him to bless the work of my hands – but for me to truly and fully commit myself to every work He has tasked me with, whether spiritual or natural. To experience the significant growth and continued peace that He would desire for me to reside in. But only if I am fully committed to all of His work. To build a system of trust and Godly perfection. To apply His standards for my living and for my purpose.

Oh God, I repent of my inconsistencies, my unfaithfulness, my unrighteousness, my ungratefulness, and of my narrowed perspective and selfish expectations of “Godly” results. I humbly submit myself to you, asking for your guidance and for you to move me forward as you see fit, with my following your leadership and responding and working as you would have me to. Help me to apply this in all areas of my life – whether small or large, comfortable or uncomfortable… for you are faithful to fulfill your work that you have called forth. And for that, I am your vessel, humbly submitting in your presence. Thank you, Father, for your forgiveness and the life and love you give to me. I will use this life and love to share forward with others. In your precious Son’s name, Jesus, I pray, Amen.

Thank you, God.