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Coffee Connection is the Monday Morning Devotion of Passion Series. Coffee Connection will caffeinate your week while surrounding you with a group of passionate, spiritual, and goal-driven individuals. Share in the value of a powerful network of supportive friends!

Tune in and participate LIVE, 1st & 3rd Monday mornings at 7:00am (EST). Fill your favorite mug with some piping hot Joe; then caffeinate your mind, body and soul! Check out the Full 2012 List of What Went Down here each week on Coffee Connection.

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What is Servanthood: April 1st – June 17

We are called to be God’s servants – his disciples – to share intimate details of God’s love through our service to others. ~ Matthew 28:18-20

Join us April 1st through June 17th for this powerful series:

Throughout this series, What Is Servanthood: Carrying Out God’s Mission, we will explore what God defines as servanthood, discover God’s mission for servanthood, and move forward in bringing in more people to the body of Christ. As we move forward, I will also reveal some of the community service initiatives God has tasked me with.

See you Monday @ 7am – bring your coffee mugs!